The Tiger and the Meerkat

Meerkat’s Easter Musings
April 3, 2010, 12:22 pm
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<scurries across the field and sniffs the air>

Easter… Eggs… Chocolate… Cadbury… Creme… Mmm

And so it goes on. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Easter?

Isn’t it interesting how this holiday, which originates from age old religious beliefs, continues to be acknowledged and celebrated in this day and age where the religious connotations are rarely given a second thought by many of us?

In a way, I think religion and chocolate represent the two extremes of Easter. On one end of the spectrum, you have strict traditions requiring you to fast, follow certain rules and attend a series of church services or else face eternal damnation.  At the other end are materialistic and self-indulgent pleasures involving copious amounts of chocolate eating and a queezy “Why did I do that?” feeling not long afterwards.

Tomorrow, my family will get together to have lunch, strategically place a dozen or so chocolate eggs around the house & garden for the littlies, then sit back and watch as they excitedly search for the hidden treasure. Despite the majority of the family being raised as Catholics, I’d be surprised if there was any mention of religion at all during the day.

Not that I’m complaining. You see, this meerkat has gone through a spiritual transformation of sorts lately, moving away from his family’s Catholic roots and towards a more philosophical approach to spirituality – and life in general.

To me, the true value of holidays lies neither in religion nor materialism (ie. chocolate). Instead, I see Easter as a reminder that we are all important to each other, as a way to teach the young ones about the gift of giving (as well as recieving) and to simply take time out to share a day with those we are close to.

Okay… and indulge in a little chocolate too.